Saturday, September 11, 2010

And thus Bheem was born.

The worst situation you’ll find yourselves in is the initial Phase of any thing that you do! settling your eye on waking uP, brushing your teeth, though you do it every day, facing the first few balls fearing you might get out the very next ball, the fore-Play :P and the exact Position, that I am finding myself now in “WRITING THE INTRO TO BLOG “P”OST and this is supposed to be my INTRO “P”OST. But now that I have come over at least 5 lines ,hoPe I begin to imPress my “solitary reader”.

I do feel it heartening to exercise my finger tiPs on my key board outside a chat box or search box after a long long time. Before I Proceed further I’ll warn my reader to think twice before becoming a fan of my works cos I am not an avid blogger like the other four: Keerthi,Venky,Vignesh and Vinay

Every fortnight when the sky is like a brand new black board, with the moon Providing the golden luminescence and the wolves howling at a distance, I GET THE IDEA TO BLOG !!so Patience is of the essence to my reader. I don't want any comPlaints from the other four saying that you guys need more and more of my master-mind.

I have no regrets of wasting your time, if you had no time you would not have reached this line! NEVER!! My Posts will not have anything sPecific, but a Parody on anything and everything that amuses me. Since this is suPPosed to be my intro Post I have run a Parody on myself!

[P.S.]: The letter P in caps is just craP!!!!!!!
[P.P.S.]: This is dedicated to the one who introduced my “Peter” side to me!!


  1. Hey nice Concept, liked it. Looking forward to more of your posts