Friday, September 17, 2010

Run, Forrest! Run!

Before becoming TR, my name was 'Knockout' Nakul.. Or is it 'naakku out' Nakul?? [read ':P'] I like pwning. But that doesn't mean that I dislike getting pwned! Give and take policy ya! He he. Okay. Off to my first pwnage in this blog.

P.S in advance: You can hurl slippers. But see to that nothing disgusting or stinky is sticking to it. I'm hypersensitive to malodours, you see.

*Curtains Up*

From the bus he jumped,
Into a girl he bumped.
But he started to run.
No, it was not for fun.
He kept running as fast as he could.
His pace would have made Bolt say, "That's very good!"

On puddles he stepped, over fences he leapt.
In overcoming obstacles was he highly adept.
He was drenched in sweat,
His clothes were wet.
He shot past like a flash;
He even set foot on trash.

The weight of his bag did not slow him down,
For him 'athlete' wasn't a fitting noun.
He made several heads turn,
Making them show concern.
But he continued to run.
It was not for fun.

Untied was his shoe lace;
So rigid was his tiny face.
Pulsate did his nerves;
Ahead were many curves.
But he continued to run.
It was not for fun.

He reached his house;
Mom's anxiety did he rouse.
With his unending vroom
He rushed to the bathroom.
Oh yeah, I agree. That's so funny.
All the drama about spending a penny!


  1. Sooper man! I like your peoms they have story running through it :-) Kudos TR. btw I read the whole thing in TR slang