Wednesday, October 27, 2010

VenCurd Vennesh and the Ven"gay"ams!!!!!!!

All the characters in this following post “MIGHT be” fictional and coincidences “COULD BE” intentional!!!

“For its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future”
-Barbara Jordan


That Saturday evening when Vennesh and Peter were reviving their long lost practice of CHENNAI-91 style of cricket, the former received that phone call!

Hanging on the doorway of Chennai’s most fav transportation, the MRTS, Vencurd was pushing for some one to pick on the call!

And in the nerdy study room of hers , miss. Mary was thinking of her damned assignments that she had to submit the day after, when she received a similar call!

The poet, amidst his busy schedule had received it too!



“hey ,hello vencurd here! What about a pwndaworse meet up morrow?” ,the voice announced.

“I’ll ask Peter now wait.”, and after a pause ,”he has semester practicals on Monday .But says he ll try and make it”

“give him the phone, vencurd here da, dai come tomorrow.”

“95% I ll make it mate”

And then Peter turned to Vennesh ,”macha, screw the practicals, I’M IN”

And when all was well, The Poet got some work and turned his hand
s out on the final second.

Neither mary nor Peter realized how much of an intrusion they would turn out to be!

When Peter, Vennesh and Vencurd boarded the CLASS-A share auto,
peter started to realise the small changes and he could feel the atmosphere intensify!

When Mary too finally joined them, Peter and she ,irrespective of the fact that this was their first meeting, could feel one thing in unison, AWKWARDNESS in the air!

When they all sat down to begin that meet of theirs everything became clear!From Kalima to CCD to Marybrown wherever they went cupid was there to strike'em!

And from that moment on, Peter and Mary could only give e
ach other glares that meant only


Romance filled the entire space and Vencurd and vennesh became more and more intimate!

The photo-shoot to mark this world famous meeting became a platform for the couple to show their affection and love towards one another !All that the guys missed was the poet to sing on their love!

Finally when it was time for everybody to depart Vencurd dedicated this song to Vennesh!

I've been waiting for the moon light
I've been waiting for the lonely sky
all night stranger in one own life
I've been waiting for the life time for you



..................Vennesh woke up with a shudder and texted all the four.

And received the following replies
Vencurd ,”Gommala yei:-/ mani moonu paduthu thoongu”
Mary, ”disturb me not when I do my EG!”
Peter dozed off

Vennesh could not chuck this dream from his thought!
And superstition has it that early morning dreams go on to become reality!
He Thought whether it was the hangover of “TELL ME YOUR DREAMS”, and not able to decide clearly he started doin what he does best! Sending ”BLOG UPDATED:)” texts to everybody!

And the rest is HISTORY!!!!

“For its uncertainty, we can’t flee the future!”
-Barbara Jordan!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Those Three Words

He was filled with her thoughts,
Engulfed in her words,
Least did he expect
Those three words from her.

She had set an eye on him
From the very first day they met.
Aware of this was he,
Make it well-known did she.
His heart started to pound
Whenever she crossed his mind.
He lost his focus;
He lost his patience.
Least did he expect
Those three words from her.

His dreams she visited;
His sleep she disturbed,
Leaving our hero highly perturbed.
It was his first time.
No one had uttered
Those three words to him.

So, he was scared like hell
When his manager said,
"Meet the deadline."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sundal Status - The Complete Story

Hey there,
I know its been terribly long since I posted anything here. That's because I have been doing most of my posting on facebook. This Navarathri I had been setting sundal status messages. And now since sundal is food, I am using it as an excuse to get over my block in this blog.

Caution: Some Bombay-heroine level tamizh might be necessary to understand some status messages or statii as Pramodh would put it.

Day 0: - Trailer
The whole idea of setting status messages related to sundal came about after the tremendous response this status got.

Day 1:
 Please excuse.
Day 2:
 I was to see Enthiran that weekend.
Day 3:
The clear winner of the entire series with a whopping 43 comments. But that might have been also because the comment section was used instead of the lame facebook chat feature.

Day 4:
Being the only girl in my class, I spend an insane amount of time alone staring at walls from my darn first bench. That bench is having effects on me - I can't believe I set up a status like this.

Day 5:
I actually wrote this down in my notebook in the pretext of taking notes about "Rules to be followed while writing a pseudocode". :P

Day 6:
That pseudocode status was probably cursed. I was made to write the assignment pseudocodes on board the next day. Not that I am scared of standing in front of an entirely testosterone charged mechanical engineering class but my handwriting on board isn't what you would call "nice" or even legible.

So in an effort to wash away the curse, I tried to pwn the VTV dialogue. But like every one of my VTV pwnage has went till today, I went to pwn myself. Like Vinay put it, the parody turned out to be a "paer-idi" for the sundal status reputation.

Day 7:

After 3 likes, I discovered the epic typo in  my status. It was supposed to read "three lines". But people were "LOL"ing, "ROFL"ing and "Hahaha"ing already, so I just let it go :P

Day 8:
Please keep your rubber chappals to yourself. :P

Day 9:
I belong to category 2. And I can't wait for the next Navarathri already!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Shaken and Stirred

There was nothing wrong with Jim.
He was absolutely normal.
Everyone liked him.
Always jovial was he, seldom formal.

Still, jolly Jim had a sad side.
No one knew of it.
That part he chose to hide,
To talk of it seemed to him unfit.

Every night, after the lights went off,
After the house became totally calm.
Jim would let out a sporadic cough,
Shielding it with a folded palm.

Violently would his body shake,
His hands in one direction, his legs in another.
It was natural and not fake.
Unaware of this was his sleeping mother.

Like the feathers of an electrified hen
Would the strands of his hair stand straight.
Then he would resemble fish caught by men,
The way it'd shake when it takes the bait!

This went on for many a week.
Poor young Jim, shaky boy.
Sometimes this would reach its peak.
So sad; his nights he couldn't enjoy.

One night did his mom wake up;
She headed directly to the kitchen.
When she was looking for a water cup
Did she see Jim, the electrified chicken.

In a hurry she went to see what's wrong.
Terrified was she, poor lady.
Knew she not this was happening for long,
She felt the need to inform Jim's daddy.

"Oh dear Jim! What's wrong with you?!
Thank god, I was around this time."
Saying so, teardrops spilled she a few
And hurried to fetch the juice of lime.

Confused, got up the young lad.
He knew not why his mother cried.
There was no reason for her to be sad.
He waited till the frenzy died.

"Ma, I just keep dancing lying down,
Listening to Armin's trance music.
In the magical beats do I literally drown.
Not enjoying it makes me sick."

Jim's mom started to laugh,
Thinking of her son's passionate craze.
Once again, to bed she was off.
Before that she threw the juice on his face.