Saturday, September 11, 2010

How the pandavas started punching..

Long long ago,when Elvis Presley never dreamt of the guitar and Taliban and Al-Quaeda were still in blue prints there were 5 brothers who ruled the kingdom of Kuru.The story of their loss and regain of the kingdom was made into an epic(which the ones who never have read it continue to call so).Well, this blog is nothing about those people who did not know the difference between clover and spade.

One fine morning,someone came up with an idea to increase e-waste.So he planned to start a new blog. Wait, he remembered he already had one which was a prominent victim of rambler's block. So that would not satisfy his motto of increasing e-waste. Fortunately(not for long) 5 of them with a similar interest teamed up and here this page was born.

If you couldn't relate Paragraph one and two here's a clue.Think of a number between four and six. Another clue:not four.Another clue? Not six(hopeless)

Still thinking? Five you pea-brain.

So the five of them teamed up and hence the reference to Pandavaas. We are actually pwn da worse. (If you aren't good with internet lingo pwn is dominating or say dunking. What we mean is we Dominate the worse = worst. We are also the Pwn brokers  Without further ado we introduce the team.

Vignesh - The youngest pwner, a guy who is obsessed in being cryptic. He pwns others in the process he pwns himself. 
Pramodh - This guy will pwn cricketers cricket in general and also movies
Keerthi - She pwns herself, there is no need for further explanation
Vinay - He is the T.R of the group he pwns everyone poetically. He can make Chalk and limestone rhyme!
Venky - The oldest pwner, pwns the society. He is a mini Anniyan Ambi, who shows a hand signal to turn....... While walking! You can call him pwnerd

Here is what you will find in Punch Pwndaworse

# If you're searching for anything serious in this page, its like searching for a No-Parking sign in a parking garage.

# If you type "Humour" in google and click " I'm-not-feeling-lucky" we are more than sure that you'll land up in this page.

# This place is the genesis of all the fun.This is supposed to be our way of false advertisement.

# if you want someone to be made fun of( Ex-boyfriend/Girlfriend, Noisy neighbor,That uncle who always complains when you play cricket on the street,name it) just mail us.We'll take care of the rest.But we cannot assure that the post will be read by more than one and half humans.

#Finally,as I have run out of descriptions and I need five of them to make it look fancy I include this.

Read, laugh your ass off and spread the fun. More importantly spread this web page. If you cant you can punch us through your comments.

Naanga 5 per,engalukku mokkaya vitta vera onnum theriyadhu


  1. oda labels neraya irukku.. adade !! :P
    2.searching "or" a No-Parking sign - edit t.. ;)
    3.tat w'd rather be "I'm Feeling Sicky" button..
    @Vig: sobba deii.. saravana stores oda unnoda advt thaan da adhigama irukku.. enga paathalum cheese charmer nu.. raascall.. give us a break.. ;)
    - jk.. good luck.. keep t rolling.. :)

  2. 113 views already.. m mighty impressed.. :)

  3. Lol!!
    nice intro to yu guyz............ :P
    keep rocking \m/

  4. Hey I am Siva in this Picture!