Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sundal Status - The Complete Story

Hey there,
I know its been terribly long since I posted anything here. That's because I have been doing most of my posting on facebook. This Navarathri I had been setting sundal status messages. And now since sundal is food, I am using it as an excuse to get over my block in this blog.

Caution: Some Bombay-heroine level tamizh might be necessary to understand some status messages or statii as Pramodh would put it.

Day 0: - Trailer
The whole idea of setting status messages related to sundal came about after the tremendous response this status got.

Day 1:
 Please excuse.
Day 2:
 I was to see Enthiran that weekend.
Day 3:
The clear winner of the entire series with a whopping 43 comments. But that might have been also because the comment section was used instead of the lame facebook chat feature.

Day 4:
Being the only girl in my class, I spend an insane amount of time alone staring at walls from my darn first bench. That bench is having effects on me - I can't believe I set up a status like this.

Day 5:
I actually wrote this down in my notebook in the pretext of taking notes about "Rules to be followed while writing a pseudocode". :P

Day 6:
That pseudocode status was probably cursed. I was made to write the assignment pseudocodes on board the next day. Not that I am scared of standing in front of an entirely testosterone charged mechanical engineering class but my handwriting on board isn't what you would call "nice" or even legible.

So in an effort to wash away the curse, I tried to pwn the VTV dialogue. But like every one of my VTV pwnage has went till today, I went to pwn myself. Like Vinay put it, the parody turned out to be a "paer-idi" for the sundal status reputation.

Day 7:

After 3 likes, I discovered the epic typo in  my status. It was supposed to read "three lines". But people were "LOL"ing, "ROFL"ing and "Hahaha"ing already, so I just let it go :P

Day 8:
Please keep your rubber chappals to yourself. :P

Day 9:
I belong to category 2. And I can't wait for the next Navarathri already!


  1. Once again treat please, I suggested to you to a put a post like this no? 2 treats pending!

  2. haha its good to see everything at the same place :D pls hide from blogadda before he pics this as 'spicy' sunday pick if you know what i mean ;)

  3. @Harish: :D

    @venky : I know you can't wait to get to church park oops.. kalima. :P

    @vignesh : aama, aama. Then everyone would want to come to my golu :P :D

  4. Delete Comment From: Punch Pwn-da-worse

    Ragul said...

    @Vignesh: Ragul Mathivathanan "like"s your comment

  5. oh.. I can't stop laughing..

  6. this would b picked as the SPICY SUNDA'l" pick!

  7. @ragul - Keerthi Purushothaman "likes" your comment too :D

    @dreamscapes - :D

    @pramodh - Sundal trivia. "What is the spiciest sundal?"

    A: "Kaara"mani sundal :D