Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brain numb(er)ing..

Its been a while since we addressed our faithful fan base.

We realise that we have neither fans nor a base to start posts like I have started now.In order to get all those we have our fingers crossed for(No,not free talk-time) we have to start writing posts that would interest the sole reader who is apparently 'sigh'-ing right now.

I was wondering what a handful of people do when they go crazy and have a blog'spot' to go crazy.Then it struck me! We are in fact a 'hand'ful of people.A hand has five fingers,we are five people.You do the math.

Now seriously coming to the blog post..... 

Well,we'll go back to being-not-so-serious as i tend to get serious problems in getting serious.

Coming back to numbers,I'm thinking of five weird words to express our intentions of the blog in this post since i started keying in this post,which has been futile.Ah! here we go.

Weird (Appreciate the intelligence in coining the first word):

We act weird in public,private(and protected,laugh computer engineers).That makes us draw the conclusion that we don't really act weird but we try acting normal and we desperately fail at that (# epicfail,YES twitter addiction!)

Witty(The 'W' gave me the lead):

We are gifted with a rare talent to come up with epic jokes which involve too much of sarcasm than prescribed.I can't stop laughing at the previous sentence(This is a cue for you to start laughing).We try to make a conversation but then we end up laughing or being laughed at.

Funny( Believe me,we are trying):

We are generally considered to be the people who have been drained of even the remotest ability to be funny but we proclaim we are funny and will continue to do so.We try to think creatively.Okay,we try to think.OKAY,WE TRY.

Humorous (Ha ha): 

Read the text under funny replacing funny with humorous( A pat on the back)

Lame(Ha! the truth finally):

If you think we people are jobless or lame for having come up with this whole idea of having a blog which calls itself funny and humorous but you need special filters to try and locate all the fun and humour in the blog which results is a throw of crap displaying nothing funny and humorous but the words funny and humorous,we seriously don't care.
We have a blog of ours and group of authors.We are lame? What do you have? A big fat mouth that can pronounce the word 'lame'?(Not you,solitary reader)

Seems i have filled quite some space!

If you cannot restrain yourself from saying the five-starred,four lettered,three member fancied,two member performed,one syllable word,so be it.We can't hear you from there ;)

So long and take care..


  1. Starting konjam mokkai.. poga poga its good.. conclusion mass :)

  2. ragul,you made you comment void by reacting to it ;)

    Harini,Thanks for recognising :D yes mokka is our motto which indeed is a mokka ;)

  3. I wan't you to know that I had "no reactions" for this post of your's... There is no other go than writing "Zero Reactions"...

    If I haven't written anything , then you'll come to the conclusion that I haven't read this post. it?

  4. #Epic bore! and guys i am not lame! #outrage

  5. so my solitary reader is this weeks theft?:P?:P